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ITR-511 Description

The Imagica Technology ITR-511 is a high performance CMOS linear image sensor with 2048 pixels.  The ITR-511 can be used as a socket-compatible replacement for the Sony ILX511B CCD linear sensor.  Advanced CMOS technology is used to emulate the signal level scheme of the ILX511B ensuring both signal level and pin compatibility.  In comparison with sensors based on CCD technology, the ITR-511 offers better or equal performance.  The ITR-511 requires a single 5V power supply.


  • · CMOS image sensor to replace former CCD
  • · 2048 active pixels aligned as in the former CCD
  • · 14µm x 196µm pixels for optical compatibility
  • · Single 5 volt supply - no higher voltages needed
  • · Emulates signals used with the former CCD
  • · Output signal compatible with existing readout circuits
  • · Supports clock rates in excess of 2 MHz
  • · Available with temporary window for UV applications
  • · Ceramic package and gold-plated pins
  • · High red and near-infrared response with low ripple


The pinout on the ITR-511 is identical to that of the ILX511B except that pins used for high-voltage supplies are not connected.  This permits use of existing power circuits.

The ITR-511 consists of a single row of photodiodes connected to two sets of storage and readout registers to permit integration during readout.

The photodiode row consists of a section of 2048 active photodiodes each 14 x 196 µm in size with 32 dummy photodiodes leading the array and 6 following. 18 optical black pixels (D15 to D32) before and 6 after (D33 to D38) may be used as a dark reference.  Systems with wide optical angles at the sensor should avoid using the pixels directly adjacent to the active area for dark reference.

Only two real time signals are required to operate the ITR-511 - ϕROG to initiate a readout/integration cycle, and ϕCLK to read out the pixel data line.  A third signal SHSW, allows selection of an internal sample and hold circuit for application circuits which do not provide this function.

Package Drawing

 For additional details, download the full Product Brief. (PDF)


ITR-511-SW with sealed glass window.

Temporary Window Devices

For applications requiring detection of  wavelengths shorter than are passed by the glass window, sensors with removable temporary windows are available.  The temporary window may be removed by pulling on the small tab shown in the image below.  This should only be done in a static-controlled, dust-free environment to avoid damage to the sensor die.  Do not remove the window until processing is ready to start.  Please Note: When the temporary window is removed, the device warranty ends.  Care must be taken if a phosphor or fiber optic is to be applied to the die so that the bond wires at the ends of the die are not damaged.  Modifications to the sensors should only be undertaken by those with relevant experience.


        Temporary window in place                  Temporary window removed

Relative Quantum Efficiency