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Imagica ITR Series Line Scan

When Sony discontinued most of their CCD imagers, customers had to make replacements plans. Here we introduce the first of a new series of sensors designed to directly replace many of the discontinued ILX models. 

These are Imagica ITR-511 CMOS sensors.  They plug directly into Sony ILX511B sockets and operate correctly.  More...

How WE provide fine image sensors

Maxwell-Hiqe Corporation was established to bring to market several new series of image sensors.  These new sensors incorporate unique, patented wafer stacking techniques developed by Lumiense Photonics that allow vertical connection through several wafers separately for each photodiode.  This allows separation of photon sensing from control, readout and processing with resulting advantages in performance and manufacturability by providing features unique to this architecture.

Imagica Designs and Builds
Imagica Technology, under license from Lumiense, builds sensors utilizing the stacked architecture to provide high quantum efficiency, exceptional linear dynamic range and high-extinction global shuttering.  For simpler requirements, Imagica also produces sensors built on more conventional CMOS platforms. 

Maxwell-Hiqe Markets and Supports
Maxwell-Hiqe is the exclusive global marketing and sales organization for Imagica.  Using our connections with Imagica engineering and several designated regional distributors, we provide international support for sensor design and applications engineering.